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Amateur Teams

Stats, reports and fantasy leagues for football teams of all levels.

What is SentR?

Thousands of footballers already use Sentr to track and share their stats, compete in custom fantasy leagues, and much more. Watch this video to see how Sentr could help you and your team!

"We did fantasy team points manually in prior seasons and this is so much easier. Also good if you just want to track goals, assists and MOTM, with some added auto generated stats thrown in by the app."
Manager, Meadowbank Wednesday
"It’s become a big part of the culture we’re trying to create. It can change the mentality of the club without people realizing it"
Manager, Civil Service FC
"It’s a very good app to use and easy for idiots like me."
Manager, Crockenhill Sundays


Record matches

Keep a record of your team's progress across the season, and create match reports to save and share.

Gain tactical insights

Get valuable insight into your most successful formations, most effective players, potent partnerships and more.

Encourage team bonding

Sentr gives players loads to talk about in the pub after the match and beyond!


Track your stats

See your performance stats throughout multiple seasons for every team you play for.

Earn fantasy points

Win points for your real life performances just like the pros, and compete against your teammates in a fantasy league.

Share your triumphs

Share your landmarks on social media and bask in the glory!


Enhance your socials

Get professional match result graphics to share on social media and provide content to your audience.

Bond your club teams

Create communication channels between the different teams within your club to encourage full-club bonding!

End your season in style

Print off an end of season stats pack to share at your end of season party.

track your team
from the touchline

Get the best Sentr experience by downloading the app, available on iOS and Google Play.